Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There Is Social Networking And Then There Is Social Networking

I have been doing a lot of research about social networking lately. To me social networking has always been person to person. I have to admit I haven't always been really comfortable with it, but through the years I have honed my skills and my comfort level has increased! It is now 2009 and a lot of social networking is done via the internet. I came across an interesting article in Fortune magazine, October 2008 that addresses a new trend. The article is about the inner circle of the tech world and their social network. At the end of the article is the way all of them are socially connected. There is social networking and then there is social networking-take a look!


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JJCrochet (Jayna) said...

So very true about social networking! I've been making a conscious effort to really try to market my business and increase my online presence over the last few weeks. Your Etsy site, blog, and twitter are all awesome - keep up the great work and keep on networking!