Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Magnify Your Life

I sometimes need to magnify my life! A couple of years ago at our tool store we had two customers in a row come in who could not read something they were looking at. One gentleman couldn't read the size of a socket. The second gentleman couldn't read the fine print on the directions of a product (let me tell you it was very fine print!). I thought about these two customers for a few minutes and then decided we needed to add magnification products to our assortment.

We purchased a couple of different styles from our suppliers and they were a bigger hit than I ever imagined! Some of them are small enough to slip into your pocket, or handbag to carry with you! Another is the visor style so you have both hands free to work on a project! There are also a couple table top styles. If you need a little magnification in your life sometimes please free to "click" the magnifiers in our store!

3 Piece Eye Loupe Magnifer Set

4x6x10 Jewelers Loupe Magnifier

5-12x High Complex Magnifier

Variable Magnification Visor With 1.5x Loupe

5 Inch Clip On 2x Magnifier

2x Folding Magnifier

5x Folding Magnifier

2x Helping Hand Magnifier

1 comment:

ennadoolf said...

What a great idea. Without my glasses, I would surely need something like this!