Monday, January 12, 2009

Lunds and Byerly's

My favorite grocery stores are Lunds and Byerly's. I have been shopping at their stores for 20 years now and I am constantly amazed at their great customer service and awesome food. I find pleasure in shopping at a store where the experience is warm and inviting!

When I stopped there the other day after work I picked up a couple of items at the bakery where I was approached with a smile. Then off to the meat counter where I picked out an item I had never prepared before and the butcher talked me through the cooking process and sent me away smiling. I turned the corner and the store manager asked me how I was doing and if I was finding everything I needed okay. Off to the fresh produce area for fruit. I picked up my complimentary copy of real food, winter 2008 in case I want to make the chocolate whiskey cake that graces the cover of their magazine. Then to the checkout area where two polite young men rang up my sale, bagged my groceries and carried them out to my car for me.

I love great customer service when I shop and if you are looking for an enjoyable experience when you grocery shop please feel free to check them out!


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