Saturday, January 17, 2009

Professional and Personal Visions

I believe firmly in having both professional and personal visions. My visions incorporate my goals along with my aspirations to realize the outcomes I desire. The biggest challenge I encounter is keeping focused on my visions. My visions work best when I write them down and keep photos around me to realize them! Visualizing is a discipline to me, believing and seeing the successful outcome. Several years ago I saw a great Raymond Weil watch in Forbes. I took the photo out of the magazine and placed it on the wall in front of my desk at work. I had no idea how much the watch was, however I knew I wanted it! I went to the store, only to find out it was out of my price range. I wasn't too surprised because it is a beautiful watch. I looked at that photo every day for a year, and I saved my money. Exactly 1 year later I paid cash for my Raymond Weil watch. It is through my vision that I was able to realize the outcome! There are many visions that I have yet to achieve. I wear my watch every day as a reminder of what I can achieve!


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