Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I would love to introduce you to Lola (the yellow lab) and Megan (the black cocker spaniel). They were the best of friends on earth and now they are both in heaven waiting for us! They brought us many moments of joy and taught us lessons I hold dear to my heart.

Several years ago on St. Patrick's Day we had the traditional Irish meal including Irish Soda Bread. After dinner for a special treat Lola and Megan got a piece of the bread to celebrate. Lola ate hers quickly and relaxed in the living room with us. Megan ate hers slowly and she brought it into the living room to eat. It was taking her a long, long time to eat so I started to watch her. She was nibbling off the bread and leaving the raisins in a small, neat little pile next to her. She was enjoying every bite! There was bread on her paws, in her ears and all over her face! Such joy! She was licking her lips and with each small bite the pile of raisins grew larger. There was not a single piece of the bread left when she was done, but there was this pile of raisins sitting there. Lola got up and went over by Megan. She checked out the pile of raisins to make sure Megan was done and immediately ate them! Then they both took a nap before our nightly walk! I guess that is what friends are for!

I wish I would have had a camera, but I knew that if I got up to get it the moment would have been gone. I close my eyes and see my sweet, sweet Lola and Megan enjoying St. Patrick's Day with us. The memory of that day and the lessons I learned are also sweet!

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