Thursday, February 3, 2011

USA Made Quick Change Drill Bits Now Available At Evie's Tool Emporium!

Evie is very pleased to announce we are adding standard drill bits to Evies Tool Emporium. For years Dave has had a relationship with the company Insty-Bit here in Minneapolis through the Tool Raider store and website and we have decided we should start to offer them to our Etsy customers.
Insty-Bit has been a leader in high performance quick change drilling and driving systems for decades. The products they offer include standard drill bits, specialty wood bits, quick change chucks and extensions and power screw driving systems.

Evies will only be listing a few of their most popular sets but we do have access to the full line so if you use a particular size only or need a specialty bit of some sort let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

And by the way, the reason Evie is so pleased isn’t because of the great quality or value offered by Insty-Bit tools, it’s because she likes to go with Dave down to their offices and see them, they are some of her favorite people.

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