Monday, February 7, 2011

Innovative Tool - Easy Earring Card Punch

An innovative tool I discovered recently is the Easy Earring Card Punch. This great punch can be used to create your own earring cards to present your designs. There are so many applications that this punch can be used for by being innovative yourself! It punches easily and is perfectly centered each time! You simply choose your card stock, squeeze the punch and add your design! So very, very innovative.

Easy Earring Cards have been featured in the February issue of Bead Trends in the Fabulous Findings Section!

Take a couple of minutes to sit back and enjoy this video that features this innovative tool!


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Ahhh this is AMAZING! I got cards printed, but I've just been poking holes in them. Brilliant!

- Lindsay

ArtMind said...

You're the queen of tools, Michelle! Looks clever!

MM said...

OMG.. I knew someone invented something out there to make it easier to punch earring hole! man, but $58? hmmmmmm

Judy said...

Thanks for the info! I need to get one of those!