Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ArtMind How To Make A Polymer Clay Gift Tag Tutorial

Polymer Clay Tutorial With Metal Stamping Set

Polymer Clay Gift Tag

On August 2nd I announced The Create A Tutorial Exchange Program With Evie's Tool Emporium Winners Are Artmind And Liv'nGood Jewelry. Today I am thrilled to share with you the tutorial that Mitsy from ArtMind created. Mitsy is a very talented artist. Please feel free to check out her ArtMind blog. Thank you Mitsy for sharing your talent with us!

I would also like to thank Dotty from dottyral who came up with the idea of The Create A Tutorial Exchange Program. Mitsy's tutorial will also be posted on Totally Tutorials along with many other tutorials from The Create A Tutorial Exchange Program.

I enjoyed Mitsy's tutorial and hope you will too! Mitsy utilized our 1.5 mm metal letter and number stamping set to create these wonderful polymer clay gift tags. Enjoy the tutorial!


ArtMind said...

Hey Michelle, thanks so much for sending me the letter stamp set. I had so much fun playing with it and I know I will use it a lot in the future for my ceramics work too!
I loved making this tutorial and I'm thrilled to pieces that you like it! :)
And yes, Dotty is soooo cool! :)

Diann said...

A great idea that turned out some really wonderful tutorials...this one happens to be favorite of all of them!

marilyn said...

these are great tutorials thanks so much!!

Dee said...

THAT was so very cool! what a unique idea..thanks for sharing this link with you and her business. I'll be following Artmind as well!