Sunday, January 2, 2011

Expressing Gratitude

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Expressing gratitude.

It takes just a moment to thank someone for the smallest or greatest of gestures.

My mom and dad raised us to express gratitude daily. It started at the breakfast table. "Thank you mom for a delicious breakfast, may I please be excused?" were usually the first words I uttered in the morning growing up! I wasn't really all that excited about sitting down at the breakfast table with my family in the morning. I know my mom put a lot of effort into preparing a well balanced meal for us to start our day and I am grateful for her and the meals she prepared.

Through the day my parents encouraged us to be appreciative of those who touched our lives. From our teachers, to our coaches, to our scout leaders and more we were taught to thank those who gave of their time to make our lives full.

At the end of the night we always got down on our knees to express our gratitude to God for the good day. What a wonderful way to end our day.

Expressing gratitude.

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