Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rochester Minnesota Bookmobile

I recently was back in my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota. I was driving down Broadway and saw the Rochester Bookmobile. A wave of memories crashed over me! The Bookmobile would come to my neighborhood every week and I would look forward to it with great anticipation.

I was just a little girl when my mom would walk me to the Bookmobile. I remember the stairs being really high and I had to lift my knees up so that I could make it up on my own. Once I was inside there were so many possiblities for the week. There was a limit how many books we could check out so I was very careful to pick and choose the right ones. Then we would walk down the aisle to check out the books. The librarian would always be sure to comment on the importance of returning the books in good condition and on time! That was no problem for me! I knew that when I returned them I could always get more books!

The years went by and I could walk to the Bookmobile by myself. I continued to go to the Bookmobile every week. The stairs no longer seemed so high, but the books continued to hold my interest. I remember all of a sudden being tall enough to reach the top shelves and look at all the books up there. The book selection was endless. If there was a book I was looking for that they didn't have on the Bookmobile I could put in a request and they would bring it the next week! What great service!

I was a very lucky little girl growing up in Rochester. Looking back now I realize just how lucky I was. The joy and happiness of being a little girl and going to the Bookmobile was a privledge! Seeing the Bookmobile reminded me of that!


Roasted Marshmallow said...

What great memories!
I work for the Rochester Public Library and I was wondering if I could use this story in our monthly newsletter.

Nancy said...

Michelle, what a wonderful memory!

We had an OLD library that we would walk to as a class. I'm not sure if we went every week, but I do know we bundled up in winter. This was before every school had a library, I guess.

I still love libraries. Our village has a small one. It's in the old very small high school building, right next to the one room school house. Maybe I will go tonight! I think it may be open.

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Very cool to walk together to the library as a class! I can imagine being all bundled up and then walking into a warm library!
They are great memories aren't they?

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

I would be honored to have you use this story in your monthly newsletter! Feel free to e-mail me at evie08@att.net!