Sunday, October 18, 2009

Magic 8 Ball Management

Have you ever tried magic 8 ball management? Today I found myself thinking about one of the best managers I ever had. He practiced magic 8 ball management! On his desk he had a magic 8 ball and when there was a small decision to be made we always consulted the magic 8 ball!

Both of us took our jobs very seriously. I mean that sincerely. There were times though when we needed to take a step back, and look at the small decision with a little laughter and levity. It was then that we would consult the magic 8 ball.

It was during this time in my life that I stopped taking myself so seriously. I learned to trust myself and the small decisions that I was making. This important life lesson was learned through magic 8 ball management!

I have added a magic 8 ball widget to my sidebar in memory of this important life lesson!


Athena's Armoury said...

That's a really cute story. It's so important to remember not to take yourself so seriously all the time. Thanks!

Orion Designs said...

One should never underestimate the wisdom of the eight ball.