Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Is Your Caffeine Of Choice?

What is your caffeine of choice? I try really hard not to indulge very often. Every once in awhile I give in!

When I do indulge I alwasy consult this handy chart that reminds me of the caffeine content!

Go ahead! Indulge in your caffeine of choice and then share it with me!


magdalunandi said...

I like Diet A&W Cream Soda. It's one of the milder caffeinated sodas. But I also have a Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino every morning, so that makes up for it.

Bear Chick said...

I like my caffeine cold--I've been a Diet Coke girl since the 70's.

Mina Maundrell said...

i love coffe, hot, cold, just with a lot of milk and sweet.
With some cinnamon, and chocolate.

And of course a good can coke :)

Oh just let you know that a few months ago i have this blog:
and i recently changed it, because i needed something new, now is: